Meet Fernando Cuis

Web Strategist & Developer

Fernando Cuis

Fernando Cuis is the bridge that removes the gap between business and web and neatly delivers what was once confusing into digestible, executable strategies.” – Healthcare Training Company


I’m Fernando. I work daily as a Web Strategist & Developer helping businesses attain online success.

My professional presence on the Web since 2003 has afforded me the benefit of working on a multitude of projects, across a variety of platforms, in a myriad of industries.

I first began working in this space as an “instructor” for a private Canadian corporation operating in Boca Raton, which at the time was riding the booming tech wave of the early 2000’s. Back then, companies were scrambling to find competent employees proficient in software applications – the pool was small. So my days consisted of standing in front of 20-40 middle-aged students, in a large classroom environment, teaching them how to create pivot tables in Microsoft Excel & snazzy presentations in PowerPoint. As mundane as it may sound, it was quite fun and satisfying. It was during this period, that my boss walked into my cubicle space and dropped a stack of 2-inch thick books on my desk and said “next week, you’re teaching an HTML class, bone-up.” and quickly walked away. Little did I realize, that minuscule, inconsequential moment in time would be so transformative for me. The rest, as the old phrase goes “is history”. With a voracious appetite I immersed myself into the foundational language of the World Wide Web.

Feels like an eternity ago, but that is the nexus of my career in Web. I am extremely privileged to have been forged through that period, as it gave me great depth and latitude for today’s challenges. My journey isn’t over however — I am always learning and firmly believe the best is yet to come.

For you who is reading this now, I want you to know that I love sharing my insights to further others. Helping, guiding, and mentoring are some of life’s most rewarding attributes.

If you feel this experience is a good fit for your business needs, do reach out.

I really do work with all businesses. Business and web challenges are the same, whether you’re a company of one, or one thousand.

I’m a business owner first. I understand the day-to-day challenges you have. When you sign-up with me, 99% of the time you’ll be working and communicating with me directly. I am seasoned executive with professional experience committed to your success.

I work with individuals and business professionals who are committed to improving their online presence and are seeking professional web support. If you are a stakeholder capable of executing financial decisions on behalf of your company, do engage.